Allstar One Monitor Fuel Card

One card, designed exclusively for the public sector

Save on fuel expenses across an extensive network

Designed exclusively for the public sector

Guarantee that you're getting the best deal

Part of the Crown Commercial Service Framework

Under RM6000 Fuel Cards and Associated Services

The UK’s largest fuel card network

Access the UK's largest fuel card network including all major oil brands and supermarket sites

Crown Commercial Services


As a supplier on the Crown Commercial Services framework you can access all the benefits of the Allstar One Monitor card without having to start a tender process. Guaranteeing that you’re getting the best deal available to your organisation while also saving on administration.

  • A supplier of the Crown Commercial Service framework - RM6000
  • More than 3,000 organisations work with us to help run their vehicles more effectively

Improve driver efficiency

Drivers going out of their way to fill up causes delays and costs your organisation money. With the UK’s largest network of more than 7,700 conveniently located fuel sites, you’re never far from an Allstar fuel site.

Improve Driver Efficiency
Spend less on fuel

Spend less on fuel

Keep a tight rein on fuel costs with the Allstar One Monitor card. Save on every litre of diesel purchased across our exclusive Discount Diesel network. With access to low cost supermarket sites - Asda, Morrisons, Sainsbury's and Tesco, reduces spend even further. 

  • Access all major supermarket sites - Asda, Morrisons, Sainsbury's and Tesco
  • Save on every litre a over 1,600 Discount Diesel sites*

Stay in control of fuel expenses

Gain visibility of your fuel card usage, costs and driver behaviour with our online account management tool - Allstar Online. Simplify your expenses and VAT reclaim by receiving one consolidated HMRC-compliant invoice, lightening your organisation's administrative load.

Control fuel expenses
safeguard against fraud

Safeguard against fraud

Allstar One Monitor card increases your fuel card security through our chip technology. You can configure each card and you can be assured that your drivers are only spending company funds for authorised transactions. 

All your vehicle needs covered

Tailor the Allstar One Monitor card to your requirements through our range of additional services to help keep your fleet on the road and enhance your organisation's fleet management.

Vehicle Needs

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